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HGV Score Card

Measure what matters

We measure all HGV portfolio companies with our Health Gap Scorecard in order to support teams and accelerate their progress in closing the health gap in the United States.


Key Criteria- The four criteria we use to examine impact are:


  • Access: Underserved communities suffer from barriers to access that are out of sync with our capacity for technological innovation.

  • Affordability: Most healthcare investors focus on better, not cheaper, which is meaningless to those that cannot afford it.

  • Inclusion: Investors are underweighting profitable companies that proactively integrate ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender and ability in their products and services. It is important to note that while innovations in eldercare have the capacity to make a material impact on the health gap, we do not have expertise in this sector and we, therefore, do not include companies in the eldercare space.

  • Prevention: HGV sees a growing market for diagnostics and wellness solutions that preempt expensive treatments, saving payers billions over the long term


Each company we invest in will be scored on the Health Gap Scorecard every six months. These data will be shared with the founding team and with the other investors with whom we share board seats. This will inform Health Gap on how to best allocate our intellectual capital and our network in a manner to support portfolios in accelerating health impact.


Also, for every company we seriously consider, whether we invest in the immediate term or not, we provide that company with a Health Gap Scorecard result and offer feedback.


Moreover, by repeatedly bringing awareness of the dimensions of access, affordability, inclusion and prevention to the founding team and fellow board members, we will drive innovative approaches to couple high profitability and impact throughout the growth of each of our portfolio companies.

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